About Project Physical Therapy

We Help People Get Out of Pain, Stay Out of Pain, and Get Back to the Activities, Hobbies, and Worry Free Life They've Been Missing Out On

At our clinic we love to help active people that got injured or have been suffering from pain get back to sports or doing activities they love. This means a life free from painkillers, continuous steroid injections, and constant visits to the doctor’s office. This also means that you can finally be free from the constant worry and fear of the pain that is holding you back from the activities and people you love.

Pain can strike if you got injured while playing sports or exercising, but it can also happen seemingly out of nowhere. When you get neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain, or pain anywhere else – sometimes we leave it and hope it goes away by itself with time and “taking it easy.” You might hope that you’ll wake up tomorrow and the pain will be gone – but that’s not usually how it works. Often over time, the pain becomes worse than when it first started.

It can also be very tempting just to grab some painkillers and continue taking them whenever you have pain, but all those pills only mask the pain and aren’t good for your health long term.

Maybe you feel confused and skeptical because you got advice from other doctors, chiropractors, or even physical therapists in the past, and nothing they said or did helped you.

Does that sound familiar?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. We hear this all the time.

People that come to us often:

  • Thought the pain would eventually go away by itself – but it didn’t.
  • Went to the doctor, sometimes even more than one, only to be told to “rest” and “take some painkillers.” Several weeks later, when the problem didn’t get better, the doctor prescribed an even stronger dose of painkillers.
  • Went to a “specialist” who recommended steroid injections or surgery.
  • Went to a physical therapist only to be put on a bunch of different machines. The therapist would then spend 5-10 minutes, showing them some simple exercises and hand them a sheet of paper with exercises to do at home. All of this did nothing to ease the pain quickly, if at all.
  • Went on Google and YouTube to try and find exercises that might help, but those exercises either didn’t do anything or made the pain a lot worse.​
  • Thought it would be best to rest and “take it easy” because the pain was terrible, but all the extra rest did was make the area even stiffer and tighter.​
  • Have been told by their family, friends, and even their doctors that “we all get aches and pains as we get older” and “this is just the way things are now.” This made it easy to accept that this is their life now, and there isn’t anything they can do about it.​

Does Any of That Sound Familiar?

If you experienced any of the above, we would love to help you! Your situation is not hopeless, and you don’t just have to accept it! We invite you to book a Discovery Visit to talk with us either Online or at our Physical Therapy Clinic in NYC. The fact that some of the things mentioned above have already happened does have a silver lining … You know what doesn’t work, and you’re closer to discovering the thing that does!

Please click the link below to request a Free Discovery Visit! The discovery visit is a 30 minute one-on-one session where you can discuss everything that’s going on with a physical therapist free of charge. You don’t need to worry about filling out insurance forms and there is no obligation to book any appointments. Our goal is to help you make the right decision on how to get better and back to doing what you love – fast!

Founded by Dr. Daniel Shapiro

Physical therapist in black shirt

Dr. Danny Shapiro PT, DPT is a Dutch trained Physical Therapist and specializes in manual and movement therapy. He has developed his own pain elimination techniques that have helped people get rid of pain and get back to enjoying life quickly. Danny has been helping people who want to stay active and continue doing their favorite activities for many years to come.

Danny believes that everyone who wants to stay active, mobile, and retain their independence should have access to care that doesn’t require painkillers, injections, or surgery and instead focuses on education, empowerment, and long-term healing.

If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Daniel Shapiro can help you get back to feeling and living great again, we invite you to start with a completely free and no-obligation appointment at our clinic. It’s 100% risk-free!

Click The Button Below To Schedule A FREE Discovery Visit

Note: This Free Discovery Visit is something we offer to people who are unsure about Physical Therapy. If you’re nervous, skeptical, or just unsure how physical therapy will benefit you, please start with this discovery visit. We will work to find out what’s wrong and how we can fix it – without any risk on your part.

We Love Helping People:

  • Keep active – so you can keep up with your kids all day, get back on the ski slopes, walk, run, and enjoy all the fun activities on your next vacation​.
  • Have no need for painkillers – so you don’t always need to have a month’s supply in your medicine cabinet or in your bag in case the pain hits. You know they’re no good for you long-term, and the pills don’t actually fix the problem, they just cover it up. ​
  • Avoid surgery – nearly all surgery comes with substantial risk, and they never come with any guarantees. Surgery may not be necessary, and we can help you get to the real cause of your problem quickly – so you don’t need to get to the point of needing surgery to fix it. ​
  • Get Peace of Mind – we’ll make sure that your problem is fully resolved and that you’ve healed properly. We always provide you with the best exercises to speed up your recovery and keep you going strong once you’re back to doing what you love.​
  • Enjoy Life Again – so you can spend quality time with family and friends without aches and pains at your favorite restaurant. We want you to stop tossing and turning all night for that one tolerable position and finally get a good night’s sleep.​

In a nutshell, we love helping people get back to enjoying a life free from constant pain and worrying.

If you’d like to find out about pricing and availability at our physical therapy clinic in New York, please just click on the button below.


Any treatment you receive at our clinic is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. It’s really simple. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.