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We understand that some people want to learn a bit more about pricing and availability before booking a physical therapy appointment. If you’d like to get some more information about our physical therapy clinic in NYC, our Free Discovery Visit might be for you!

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We understand that you might be “unsure” if physical therapy is right for you. Maybe you’re not sure if it’ll work, or if we can treat the specific issue you have, or maybe you had a bad experience with PT or other types of treatments in the past? If that sounds like you and you’d like to come in and experience for yourself if Project Physical Therapy can help you, please fill out the short form below and give us a little more info about yourself so that we can answer any questions you have.

*Please note that we do not provide treatment during our discovery visits. It’s for you to ask us additional questions and for us to confirm if we think we can help you.

About Project Physical Therapy

Whether you recently injured yourself, you’ve been in pain for years, or you’re tired of other doctors telling you to “rest and take some pills,” we can help… Even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment and aren’t very optimistic – we understand. There are many things that set us apart from most physical therapy clinics, chiropractors, and other treatments in New York City. Basic things like one-on-one care with an expert physical therapist, best-in-class manual therapy techniques, and a natural holistic approach to treating the entire body are notoriously absent from most physical therapy clinics.  Not with us, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • You won’t be treated with 2-4 other people in the same room.
  • You won’t waste time playing musical chairs on a bunch of useless machines
  • You won’t be with a therapist for 5-10 minutes, where they show you the same basic exercises they give to everyone – regardless of what YOU might actually be going through.
  • Your treatment will NEVER be influenced by what an insurance company will cover.
  • We’ll never tell you, “this just happens as we get older”; or “Sorry you just have to live with this pain, but don’t worry, just take some pain pills.”

If you’ve ever gotten treatment before, you may have already experienced this. If you haven’t gone for treatment yet, the scenario I just described might be why you keep putting it off. It also might be the reason why you may be waking up every morning and just hoping that today is the day the pain goes away.

We’re different, and we spend all of our energy doing what’s best for you. This means that with us you will experience a complete and long-lasting return to the activities and active lifestyle you love.

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Are You in Pain?

Whether you’ve recently injured yourself or are searching for long-term back pain relief, knee pain relief, or relief from neck and shoulder pain – we can help! Especially if you’re tired of other doctors telling you your options include “resting and some pills” or surgery!

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